Want to figure out what your interior design style but don't know where to start? Try these three quizzes. Image credit: @claire_brody via Instagram

How to Figure Out Your Interior Design Style

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Photo credit: with permission from Claire Brody - @claire_brody via Instagram

If you're into homes and interiors,there's a temptation to define what your style is. Whether it's boho, glam, eclectic or country, there's a load of terminology out there and it can be hard to know which 'box' you fit into.

Of course, you'll never fit neatly into a box... and why would you want to? But, having some idea of what your interior design style is can help to refine your choices when you're decorating. It can make your options appear clearer, and it can provide you with a common thread to pull upon while you're shopping for key pieces. And if nothing else, it's a bit of fun - right!?

Here are some of the best quizzes I've found on the internet for helping to decide what your interior design style is...

Abigail Ahern's 'Sussing out your style' quiz

Abigail Ahern is someone you'll see talked about a lot in the interior design world, and that's because she has a bold approach to dark, inky colours. Her quiz is really useful, regardless of what you think of dark interiors! I like how short and succinct the quiz is, but most of all, I like that you're simply encouraged to simply select the image you’re most drawn to. It’s a well-considered quiz, and I can confirm that after five tries of this quiz over a period of a few months, I keep getting the same answer. Reliable, hey?

Here's how you can figure out your interior design style...

Photo credit: with permission from Fiona Cameron - @around_houses via Instagram

Lonny's 'My style finder' quiz

The adverts were kind of annoying, but I was grateful not to need to enter an email address at the end. Phew! (In fact, none of these quizzes require an email address. Unfortunately, some of the best quizzes did ask for it and for that reason lost out!). So, the quiz itself? It was pretty good. I felt the results I saw at the end were pretty close to what I'd have said for myself, and I like how many questions there were. 15 felt enough, but I would have preferred a few more options within each question as I'm not sure it caters for every style (a huge task, I suppose!). It’s worth a go if you’ve five minutes to spare.

Apartment Therapy's 'Trust your taste' quiz

Finally, Apartment Therapy’s quiz is a bit weird – it took me a while to figure out how to use it, but that’s just because I jumped straight in without reading the instructions... oops! But, it is quite on-the-mark. Basically, you just need to give it your full attention for a few minutes, selecting one of the four images you’re presented with. You’re supposed to trust your gut and not overthink it. Then, after recording your most selected letters (I chose mostly C’s and D’s), you scroll down to see what that reveals. I found the descriptions for Cs (‘Eclectic Collectors’) and Ds (‘Classic Glam’) really accurate, and a reflection of the results I'd received on the two quizzes above.

Try out these quizzes to figure out your interior design style...

Photo credit: with permission from Susanna - @shnordic via Instagram

Read up on different styles

You've probably heard of terms like 'mid-century', 'contemporary' and 'industrial', but do you actually know what they mean? You might not know what you like if you don't know what everyone has collectively 'named' it. So, start googling those kinds of terms, ask your favourite bloggers or take a look on Pinterest.

Knowledge is power, so get to know the lingo. That way, you can actually use that information to start shaping what your style might be.

Make Pinterest boards

Secondly, use Pinterest (in the right way) to help you nail down what your interior design style is, as it’s useful for figuring out what you do and don't like. As you pin each image, try to be disciplined enough to jot a quick note down in the caption area about what it is that draws you to the image. Analyse it. What don't you like? That's important as well.

Then, step away from your newly created boards for a few weeks, then come back and dig deep into those captions. Can you spot any recurrent themes? Is there anything you're re-pinning over and over? This kind of thing can shed some light on what your interior design style is.

Explore the real world

As much as I love the internet - it's a treasure trove of information and inspiration - there's nothing better than getting out there and experiencing things. Explore coffee shops, antiques centres, museums, art galleries, restaurants, woodlands, holiday homes and more to give some big clues to what your personal style is.

It's hard to say whether your environment influences your preferences, or whether your preferences dictate the kinds of environments you choose to spend time in... but either way, it will quickly become obvious that you like a certain style.

What to pinpoint your interior design style? Here's how to do it. Photo credit: @gingerhearts via Instagram

Photo credit: with permission from @gingerhearts via Instagram

Look at what's already in your home

As well as doing a bit of exploring, don't overlook the things that are a little closer to home... or in your home, in fact. Take a look around your house and see if you can identify ten things you think are truly, truly beautiful. Is there a colour or a shape you seem never to tire of?

And what about the things you don't like? Are there any rooms you tend not to spend time in, and can you figure out why? Are there any pieces of furniture that just aren't really clicking with you? Paying attention to these kinds of questions - and more importantly, acting on the answers - might help you to pinpoint your interior design style.


The surest way to figure out your interior design style is to just try things out. There’s no need to put too much pressure on yourself to nail it: style is an evolving thing, and it's no different in the context of interior design. Try things out, make mistakes and try something new. You'll know when it feels right, if only by stumbling upon it.

p.s This foolproof trick, and these simple updates.

Where else can you look?

Of course, quizzes aside, there are lots of other (possibly more reliable ways!) to figure out what your interior design style is. In fact, how about looking away from interior blogs and magazines. I know… bonkers right!? The truth is, those kinds of mediums are only showing you a very concentrated version of trends or ideas. Sometimes, it's more useful to actually go out into the real world and see, touch, smell, photograph the things you’re drawn to. Visit towns, cities, museums and art galleries. Pop into shops, cafes and pubs, and go for long walks in lots of different environments. See what you find yourself drawn to time and time again, and perhaps keep a little journal about what you’re liking and why.

Do you have any interior style quizzes you enjoyed taking? Or any tips on identifying your interior style? Please let me know in the comments below.

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