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What Is Boho Style Home Decor?

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Photo credit: with permission from Brandi @the.hectic.eclectic via Instagram.

Bohemian or ‘boho’ interior style is all about the natural world. From sustainable, eco-friendly materials to organic, natural surfaces, this trend suits free-spirited nature lovers and artists alike. Keep it simple with block colours and gentle patterns, or opt for bright and beautiful boho elements that feature clashing prints, bold hues.

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Photo credit: with permission from Brandi via Instagram (@the.hectic.eclectic)

There’s a lot to learn about this style, (as well as the mid-century style, Scandinavian style or any other style for that matter!). So, we’ve compiled this guide to everything to do with bohemian interiors. Not only will you find information, but you’ll also find related blog posts and interviews, as well as the key bohemian homewares you’ll need to pull this style off.

What Colours Should You Use for the Boho Trend?

Anything goes when it comes to choosing paint colours for this style. Creams, whites and yellows serve as handy neutral backdrop, but expect to see plenty of greens, turquoise and emerald tones given that this trend inevitably includes lots of plants and greenery. Earthy reds, purples and browns make a regular appearance too, and it’s 100% OK to mix all of the above.

What Materials Should You Use for a Boho Interior?

Cork, untreated wood, bamboo, rattan, wool, crochet and cotton are common place in a bohemian home – as is anything raw and natural. Embrace the handmade, shop second hand and seek one-of-a-kind things for your home that have been made by artisans and artists if you really want to do this style authentically. 

Like this boho bedroom? Find out more on Photo credit: @the.hectic.eclectic via Instagram

Photo credit: with permission from Brandi via Instagram (@the.hectic.eclectic)

Key Elements of the Boho Interior Style:


One or two potted plants simply won’t do the job where this style is concerned. Cram your pad full of big, beautiful plants – leafy greens are the aim of the game with this style.


Layers of pattern is a key component of this style, so feel free to layer up rugs, tapestries, throws and cushions from every corner of the globe.


Bamboo side tables, wicker armchairs and hammocks hanging from the ceiling are all super Pinterest-worthy, but don’t feel that you have to go this far if you don’t want to. Simply mixing and matching a combination of vintage furniture with modern pieces without trying to make everything match is the right approach – it’s all about sustainability, comfort and a laid-back attitude.


More is more when it comes to bohemian interiors. It can often look chaotic or crammed if it’s not a style you’re familiar with, but for people who love their bohemian homes, it’s a confident, energising environment that’s brimming with life. Layer, layer, then layer again.

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Photo credit: with permission from Brandi via Instagram (@the.hectic.eclectic)

Top Tip for Boho Interiors: Make It Your Own.

Bohemian interior style is as unique as the individual who loves it, so be confident in your choices and embrace all the colours, prints and materials if they make your heart sing. There’s no need to edit, filter or project a certain image if this style is where you feel most comfortable – embrace it all: bohemian interiors have more than enough room to accommodate your varied life and loves.

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