How To Mix Modern and Antiqued Furniture Styles Perfectly

How to Mix Modern And Antiqued Furniture Styles Perfectly

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Adding modern furniture pieces to a room filled with antique finds can bring not only interesting contrast but a refreshing layer of visual appeal. Learn how to mix the perfect blend of modern and classic furniture to create an eclectic and stylish space that reflects your unique taste.

What Is Considered an Antique in Furniture?

When it comes to furniture, an antique is generally considered a piece that has been made at least 100 years ago. Antique furniture can be found in many styles including Victorian, French provincial, and Art Deco.

The materials used to make these pieces are also typically from previous eras such as wood carved with intricate details and brass or iron hardware accents.

Antique furniture is usually highly valuable and should be treated with care when cleaning or moving.

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What Is Considered Modern in Furniture?

Modern furniture is defined as pieces that have been made after the 1930s. Unlike antiques, modern furniture usually has a more streamlined and minimalistic look with sleek lines, no carvings or ornate details, and often uses materials like steel, plastic, glass, or leather.

Balance Out the Old And New

When adding antique finds to your space, be sure to balance out the old and new furniture. For every antique sofa, for example, add a modern armchair. Or if you’re leaning more towards classic furniture pieces, opt for modern lighting choices that will still bring life to the room but in a minimalist aesthetic.

Consider introducing different materials such as glass and chrome or wood and metal — these elements can also help you create a harmonious blend of modern and vintage styles.

Choose One Room to Start Decorating

When trying to mix modern and antique furniture styles, it’s best to start small. Pick one room in your home to focus on and use that as a starting point for incorporating different furniture pieces.

And remember, you don’t have to decorate the entire space with vintage finds — a few carefully chosen accents such as an antique coffee table can be enough to complete the look. For an eclectic touch, combine pieces from several eras but make sure they complement each other. Don’t let them clash!

Add Colour in Light Touches

Choose a colour palette for each room you are decorating and stick to it with both modern and antique pieces. To keep the décor from looking too overwhelming, use neutral base shades and add colour through light touches. For example, incorporate vintage-style chairs with brightly patterned upholstery, or an antique lampshade with vibrant hues.

Don’t forget about textiles — simple curtains in various prints or shades can make all the difference.

Use Unified Hardware Or Unique Hardware Accents

As you mix modern and antique furniture styles, focus on something that can bring everything together. Use unified hardware such as knobs, drawer pulls, and hinges to create a cohesive look. If you're creating a vintage feel to your décor, try incorporating unique hardware accents like ornate handles or door knockers in antique brass for the perfect finishing touch.

Get a Bridge Between Antique Styles with Mid-Century Pieces

Mid-century modern furniture is a great way to bridge the gap between antique and modern styles, as it often includes vintage elements that are balanced with clean lines in order to create sleek, timeless décor.

Plus, mid-century pieces provide a perfect contrast for more ornate antiques, helping to keep your space looking balanced, stylish and unique!

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To Wrap Up

Mixing modern and antiqued furniture styles doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

By following our tips, you can create a harmonious blend of vintage finds with sleek lines that will bring life to your space without looking too overwhelming! Start small by choosing one room in your home to focus on when decorating, choose a colour palette for the décor and use unified hardware or unique accents like ornate door knockers or handles.

Finally, mid-century pieces are the perfect way to bridge antique and modern aesthetics together. With these tips, you’ll be able to mix modern and antiqued furniture styles perfectly!

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How To Mix Modern and Antiqued Furniture Styles Perfectly

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