Wondering how to make your home feel good? Here's how to infuse your home with positive vibes. Photo credit: Karen Knox of @makingspacesnet

10 Easy Tricks to Add Positive Vibes to Your Home

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Photo credit: with permission from Karen Knox via Instagram

You know that feeling you get when you walk into someone's house and it just works? The space seems to lift you up, and in a split second, you've decided that it's somewhere you want to spend time in. Well, I think it's possible for anyone to create that effect in their home. Here are some clever decorating tricks to add positive vibes to your home, and the good news is that none of them require knocking down walls or moving into a Pinterest-style house...

Deal with the Clutter

Positive vibes will be hard to come by if your space is cluttered, untidy and subconsciously stressing you out. So, clear it all away (donating what you don't want to charity, and recycling or skipping whatever can't be passed on) so that you're able to sprawl out without bumping into piles of paperwork or a tangle of unwanted clothes. For most people, hoarding junk means low level stress, whereas a streamlined space equals a streamlined mind - so get decluttering.

If you want to inject your home with positive vibes, try these tips. Photo credit: __itslucy__ via Instagram

Photo credit: with permission from @_itslucy_ via Instagram

Remove Whatever It Is That's Bringing You Down

If you don't love it, set it free. Of course, your budget might mean you need to hang on to bits of furniture you don't particularly like in the short term, but try to save up to replace the bits you don't love so that your home is full of things you actually love in the long term.

Don't forget that smaller things such as gifts or items with sentiment or memories attached to them can bring you down too - and it can be hard to allow yourself to get rid of them if you don't like them or they bring painful memories.

But, you'll feel much better if you remove things from your home if they're simply not lifting you up.

Who knows - they might infuse someone else's home with good vibes - so pass those bits and bobs along and see if your various unwanted energy-zappers do good in someone else's space.

Here's how to inject some positive vibes into your home. Photo credit: @endoftherow via Instagram

Photo credit: with permission from @end_of_the_row via Instagram

Add Positive Imagery

Artwork can lift the spirits, whatever its depicting, but positive imagery such as motivational prints really pack a punch. Look online for motivational prints that you like - perhaps choosing phrases like 'let go' or 'yes!' - to give your brain a subconscious boost of positivity. You can print your own, buy some like these from Maggs London, or commission a piece from your favourite illustrator.

Here are 10 easy ways to infuse your home with positive vibes. Photo credit: @daniellellp via Instagram

Photo credit: with permission from @daniellellp via Instagram

Hang Your Positive Prints Cleverly

Once your prints have arrived, decide where (and how) you're going to hang them. It makes sense to hang them somewhere that you see them regularly, but it also makes sense to put them somewhere you'll see them early in the day.

That way, you'll jump out of bed (OK... slide out of bed) with some instant positive vibes. Hanging positive artwork directly opposite your bed first thing in the morning can only be helpful, right?

Similarly, hang some positive prints in your kitchen or beside the bathroom mirror so you're getting lots of opportunities to soak up those good vibes from the very beginning of your day.

Paint the Walls in Colours That Work for You

Colour has a huge impact on our mood, which is why those ugly walls can quickly get us down. With that in mind, it pays to whip out a paintbrush so you can paint the walls in colours that make you happy.

Colourful rooms can be an excellent way to inject energy and positivity into your home and is likely to have the intended effect if you're the sort of person who likes to wear bright colours too.

Dark walls can be just as positive, especially if you find dark interiors relaxing and cocooning, and for those who like their interiors to be white, a white wall can feel calming, unchallenging and soothing.

Even neutral walls in creams and taupes can be soft, cosy and coherent. So, go with your gut and get painting if you want to get the positive vibes flowing (and check out my foolproof guide to choosing the right paint colour every time).

Ever wondered how to fill your home with positive vibes? Here are some super easy ways to do it. Photo credit: @heymamablog via Instagram

Photo credit: with permission from @heymamablog via Instagram

Add Black Accents

Adding black accents might sound like strange advice for creating an interior with positive vibes, but this clever decorating trick really works. That's because black anchors a room, creating points that make your space seem more solid and less 'wishy-washy'.

So, add a few black accents such as a black photo frame, a black cushion or a black wooden chair - you'll instantly feel the sense of 'security' it gives your space, and it's an excuse to do a little bit of shopping... Win-win, right!?

Let the Light in

It's a well known fact that we humans need lots of natural light to feel happy and healthy, so it makes sense that the brightest interiors are the ones that give off the most positive vibes. Remove bulky window dressings, sleep with the blinds open if you can so that you wake with the sunshine, and hang mirrors opposite your windows to bounce natural light around your home.

It'll be beautiful - and you'll probably find that your Instagram photos look a hundred times better too with all that natural light flowing into your iPhone's camera...

Letting in the light infuses your home with positive vibes. Read more tricks like this on www.lovetohome.co.uk. Photo credit: @makingspacesnet via Instagram

Photo credit: with permission from Karen Knox via Instagram

Follow Your Nose

There's no doubt that our emotions are closely linked to scent - that's why the smell of clean laundry, freshly cut grass or a homemade apple pie makes us so happy. So, make sure you're giving scent some thought when it comes to your home too. Use essential oils, candles or diffuser sticks, as these can all help to calm, relax, soothe, invigorate or energise - whatever it is that gives you positive vibes.

Fix What Needs Fixing

Do you have a dripping tap? A wonky door? Unsteady table legs? Fix it all up or replace your furniture and fittings with things that actually work.

Treating your home like a family member that needs love, care and attention in this way means that your home will love you back in ways you haven't considered. And, you'll benefit from extra positive vibes for the fact that you've taken charge by finally getting around to fixing things you've been putting off all this time.

It's easy to infuse your home with positive vibes when you know how. Find out more on www.lovetohome.co.uk. Photo credit: @heymamablog via Instagram

Photo credit: with permission from @heymamablog via Instagram

Get Out of Your Gorgeous House

Finally, fresh air is perfect for making you feel positive, which in turn infuses your house with lots of feel-good vibes. So, make it easier on yourself to get out of the house for a walk or some other kind of exercise. This might mean organising your hallway in a way that guarantees that your coat and shoes are easily accessible, or re-organising your wardrobe so that your gym stuff is always easy to grab.

Those are just ten easy ways to add positive vibes to your home. Do you have any tricks for adding positive vibes to contribute of your own? I'd love to hear them below :)

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