If you want to know where to buy inspirational quotes from, check this out. image credit @designsodaruthie via Instagram.

Inspirational Quotes and Where to Buy Them

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Photo credit: with permission from Ruth via Instagram @design_soda_ruthie - see Ruth's blog at http://designsoda.co.uk/

If you like spending time on Pinterest (who doesn’t?!), you’ve probably created a board of inspirational quotes at some time or another. I know that some people loathe inspirational quotes, but I actually really like them. Granted, the advice written on this kind of artwork should be taken with a pinch of salt (and it’s certainly true that some advice is better than others), but there is a place for inspirational, motivational artwork. And that place is, of course, is on the wall...

If you fancy buying inspirational quotes online, there are plenty of outlets you can source them from. And to make things easier, some of them already come mounted in frames and ready to hang on display.

Here Are Some of My Favourite Places to Buy Inspirational Quotes From...

Here's where to buy inspirational quotes from . Photo credit @a_homely_home via Instagram

Photo credit: with permission from @a_homely_home via Instagram

Of course, here on Love to Home..!

Lots of great designs to choose from which is forever growing, from physical prints to digital downloads, I'm sure you'll be able to find what you like and if you can't, be sure to check back soon.

The Old English Company

The Old English Company offers so many lovely prints. There are many colours to choose from, and better yet, that the prints come in more than one size. It’s a shame that frames and props aren’t included (frankly, I'm a bit lazy and would have paid for the convenience of having it put together), but I still think the site is 100% worth a look if you’re hunting for prints.

If you want to know where to buy inspirational quotes from, check this out. Photo credit @_lisa_dawson_

Photo credit: with permission from @_lisa_dawson_ via Instagram

The Motivated Type

The Motivated Type is a very-well stocked print shop - with a fantastic brand name! You can order digital prints (if you have good quality paper and ink to quite literally print your own), or you can order real, ‘tangible’ copies too. The Motivated Type makes their printed inspirational quotes in a studio in Buckinghamshire, and some of their products are also eco-friendly too.

Looking to buy inspirational quotes? Here's where to shop for good ones www.lovetohome.co.uk photo credit @rebekah.horner via Instagram

Photo credit: with permission from @rebekah.horner (now @little_york_house) via Instagram


There’s a good chance you’re already familiar with Etsy (seeing as it’s hugely popular), and it’s full of individual businesses selling inspirational prints of all varieties. From hand painted quotes to those printed on particular kinds of paper, Etsy is a bit of a treasure trove for inspirational quotes. My only bugbear is that there’s a lot to sort through (a search for ‘inspirational quotes’ pulls up 172,000 results, so you’ll need either the patience of a saint, or a willingness to just buy one that really draws you in – whatever else may or may not be available on the next page).

Here's where to buy inspirational quotes in the UK. www.lovetohome.co.uk photo credit @heymamablog via Instagram

Photo credit: with permission from @heymamablog via Instagram


Finally, Desenio is a retailer that’s recently come to my attention (perhaps that’s because they’re doing the marketing really well, as well as the fact they have a very good range of products). Their collection of inspirational prints looks lovely, and you have the option of buying it in a frame (of which there are a few varieties and sizes too). I also love the ‘perfect pair’ section of their site too, as they’ve done the hard work of carefully putting two prints together for a composition and colour scheme that works perfectly. I suspect it’s a great function if you’re the kind of person who likes a little bit of guidance when it comes to pairing artwork.

Those are just a few places you can buy inspirational quotes right now. Where would you recommend, and have you ever tried printing your own on good quality paper? I hear it’s a cheap alternative if you’re up for the craft challenge.

p.s If you're shopping for prints, you might want to brush up on these tips for making the perfect gallery wall...

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Are you wondering where to buy inspirational quotes online? Check out our guide to our favourite retailers on www.lovetohome.co.uk Photo credit: @design_soda_ruthie via Instagram

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