Putting together a gallery wall? Here are 7 lesser known tips you haven't heard of but need to know. Photo credit: @michellematangi via Instagram

7 Lesser Known Tips for the Perfect Gallery Wall

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Photo credit: with permission from Michelle Matangi via Instagram @michellematangi

Gallery walls have been popular for what feels like years now, and Pinterest is awash with tips for how to - practically speaking - hang the perfect gallery wall.

If you're not totally sick and tired of them (a bit of gallery wall fatigue is understandable at this point), how about diving into some lesser-known tips for creating a really alluring gallery wall? That way, you can create a gallery wall that catches the eye and completes your room without making something that feels too overworked, twee or soulless.

If you're up for it, here are 7 tips to remember next time you find yourself with an inspirational quote and a hammer...

Tips for Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

1. If you want to make an 'organic' or 'eclectic' gallery look just uniform enough while using lots of different shapes and colours of frame, make sure every frame has a twin - using frames in pairs will help to the gallery wall look cohesive.

2. If your gallery wall is visible from a side angle, try to find frames that are roughly the same depth so you don't have some pieces protruding further than others. Unless that's the look you're going for, in which case, do whatever you like.

3. Keep in mind that the more artwork you hang, the less impactful the overall result will be. Us humans like some detail, but we tend to switch off if we're overloaded with information - so go for a 'less is more' approach if you want to make a bigger impact.

Fancy making a gallery wall as interesting as this one? Here are some tips you need to know. Photo credit @brooklands_23 via Instagram

Photo credit: with permission from @Brooklands_23 via Instagram

Michelle's tips for making the perfect gallery wall

But, don't just take my word for it...I caught up with Michelle Matangi (interior blogger extraordinaire, with an incredible sense of style and a very impressive talent for putting together a beautiful gallery wall - in fact, Michelle was last week's winner of the #gallerywallhashtag - which is no mean feat given how many gorgeous gallery walls there are on there. Michelle has been kind enough to share her tips with us. Continuing on with the tips, here's what Michelle knows is important:

4. "Mixture of sizes is really important! E.g. don't put two pieces that are the same size next to each other. Make sure you have a big piece next to a smaller piece."

5. "The space between the art should be the same - just eyeball it unless you feel like you can't live with it not being exact. I kind of like an organic flow, but I do keep the spacing very similar."

6. "Unify the colours, so if you are going monochrome, make sure you stick to it! If you want to make a colourful gallery wall, stick to 3 or 4 colours."

7. "It's quite cool to go with a theme: say, all portraits or something like that. But, I love the look of mixing it up. For instance, on my gallery walls, I like to mix bold abstract art next to portraits, or next to plants or animals. But even adding a shelf with a ceramic or a little plant pot trailing down the wall can be a nice juxtaposition."

Want to make a gallery wall as beautiful as Michelle's? Read her tips here on www.lovetohome.co.uk | Photo credit @michellematangi via Instagram

Photo credit: with permission from Michelle Matangi via Instagram @michellematangi

Thank you so much for sharing your tips with me, Michelle. You can check out Michelle's Instagram feed for photographs of her beautiful home (it's one of my favourites on all of Instagram, hands down), as well as:

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Fancy making a gallery wall but don't want it to look like a cliche? Here are 7 lesser-known tips for creating the perfect gallery wall that you're going to want to pay attention to. Photo credit @michellematangi via Instagram

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