Drowning in clutter? Here's what to do

Drowning in Clutter? Here's Where to Start

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Those show homes? Those Pinterest boards? Those magazine editorials where there's never a thing out of place or any clutter? They're totally unrealistic. The fact is, real homes have clutter. We acquire stuff as our lives progress, and whether it's extra gadgets, surplus clothing or simply more cutlery (I mean, how many mugs are lurking in your kitchen right now?), not many of us are able to maintain an interior that's photo-shoot ready. So, if you have TV remotes, pairs of shoes and kitchen appliances that simply can't be shoved out of sight here's how to keep on top of the clutter whilst retaining a modicum of style...

1. Cull what you don't need (or love)

Every so often, sort through your belongings and chuck out or donate anything you've not used in a long time. It can take a while, and it isn't always easy to do, but you might feel good for parting with some of what you currently own. And, it's pretty much the only way to keep on top of clutter in the long term! Trying the one-in-one-out rule is a good place to get started.

2. Find a home for everything

Do you know that old saying "a place for everything and everything in its place"? It's good advice. Use folders for your paperwork, hang coats up in wardrobes right away (or fold them away in the attic if you're not planning on wearing them for a while), and tidy things like gadgets into stylish boxes with a closable lid.

3. Have a regular tidy up

Once a week, have a quick whip around the house to gather up things that have been left out. It feels much nicer to start the weekend having sorted some key rooms on a Friday evening (like the bedroom, living room and kitchen) and will mean that your mess never grows out of control. These hacks are helpful too.

4. Invest in good storage

If you're going to keep acquiring more 'stuff' (which is pretty inevitable, right?) you'll need furniture that can accommodate for it. For example, a sofa with underneath storage space comes in handy for storing throws and blankets or that ancient DVD collection you're not ready to part with. You can also keep a spare set of bedding under a bed if you've been clever and bought one that lifts up from the base.

5. Remember it's a joint effort

Finally, whether you live with a flatmate, your other half or your children, it's important to see keeping your home clutter free as a joint effort. If you live alone, the responsibility falls to you, but the good news is that it shouldn't be terribly messy! If on the other hand, you have other people sharing your space, everyone needs to keep on top of the clutter they generate, tidying away their things on a regular basis.

How do you keep on top of clutter in your home? Is it a never-ending battle, or are you one of those lucky people who don't feel bothered by mess?

p.s check out this modern, clutter-free home

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Are you drowning in clutter? If so, here are a few tips on how and where to start...

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