Hallway, Stairs and Landing Ideas

10 Wow-Factor Hallway, Stairs and Landing Ideas

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Often neglected areas in most homes, you probably think about this space when it comes to stopping your kids from traipsing mud through the house, or the neverending job of decluttering ridiculous amounts of shoes (seriously, where do they all come from?!).

But in this post, we're going to be putting this transitional space directly under the spotlight with some inspirational hallway, stairs and landing ideas.

Defined by comings and goings, hallways are bustling, high-traffic areas. They are typically small, narrow spaces, so need to be hard-working and functional in their design. But this doesn't mean they can't be beautiful, too!

Once you've completed your front door transformation, you may be wondering what project to get started on next. And I'd suggest that your hallway, stairs and landing is another fantastic first impression after introducing some stunning curb appeal!

The beauty of decorating this area of your home is that it can be bursting with personality. It's true that you can have a lot more fun, be bolder with colour and generally let your creativity run riot. After all, you're not going to tire of it as quickly as other rooms you actually have to spend a lot of time in.

So use this as an opportunity to let your hallway be an immediate first snapshot of who you are and what you're all about!

How to Give Your Hallway, Staircase & Landing a Makeover

Whether you have a small hallway, stairs and landing area to work with, or you're fortunate enough to have a roomy entranceway, the below ideas are maximum-impact but cost-effective ways to wow anyone stepping into your home!

Embrace drama with dark, moody hues

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Photo credit: with permission from @daniellellp via Instagram

I'm a sucker for blues, greens and charcoals - the darker and moodier, the better! The good news is that your hallway and stairs are relatively safe spaces if you want to be bold and inject colour into your home.

You might assume that a light colour is the way to go with making a space feel bigger, but darker hues can surprisingly have the same effect. For maximum visual impact and an unbroken sightline, paint the ceiling in the same colour too.

With the right hallway lighting, a dark colour scheme can add depth and bring even small hallways to life. For paint ideas, try some of my favourites from Farrow & Ball - Hague Blue, Down Pipe or Railings to name just a few.

Unearth natural character with tiled flooring

If you're lucky enough to live in a Victorian terrace or an older property, then you may be able to clean up your existing tiles or else rip up a carpet to unearth this stunning original feature.

However, no matter the age of your property, you can always lay some tiles yourself for a statement entranceway. Not only do tiles look beautiful and add visual interest, but they're immensely practical for keeping clean with high foot traffic (in contrast to a carpet).

Updating your floor doesn't have to cost the earth, but definitely won't be overlooked when it's your guest's first impression of your home!

Use mirrors to create the illusion of space

You can never really go wrong with a mirror in my opinion! But with small spaces like hallways, stairs and landings in mind, a mirror will work wonders. Mirrors give the feeling of space and depth and bounce around tons of natural light.

Oh, and did I mention, they're great for checking yourself out before you shut the door, too?

A large mirror (think ceiling-to-floor) can be a clever optical illusion, in particular for narrow hallways. Similarly, a mirror at the end of a landing can give the impression that the corridor is double its actual length!

It hardly matters that it isn't - the brain believes visual information, and this is enough to give the all-important feeling of extra space.

Asymmetric mirrors can provide a quirky, imperfect finish to your space that just works. For our top choices that you could try in your own hallway today, check out our article here.

Be brave & experiment with loud wallpaper

Yep, remember I said you could let your creativity run riot in this area of your house? Well, it's the perfect space to try that patterned wallpaper you've always been secretly drawn to (but also a little bit scared by).

I think we all have this internal dialogue of: 'Well, someone else who's more creative and courageous than me could have that wallpaper in their home, but not me, surely? Who am I to be loud in my wallpaper choices and make a big song and dance? No, I think I'll keep it nice and neutral thank you very much!'

You've just got to push through these feelings and do the things you really want to do. Because life is short, and really in the end, no one is going to care one way or another whether you had a crazy ditsy print wallpaper. And in the meantime, you're the one that's got to live with it, so you may as well live in a space which makes you happy!

A good rule of thumb is that if you love it and you have a vision, then you can pull it off. I promise. (And honestly, if it really doesn't work, its wallpaper and it can be changed!)

Being bold in your home decor can have positive and unexpected influences on your character too. When you're more confident in your own skin and expressing who you are, you're more authentic as a result.

Curate the perfect gallery wall

If you're faced with a lot of blank wall space and a serious lack of visual interest in your hallway, then this may be the perfect place to plan a gallery wall. For example, you can experiment with the size of photo frames, as well as incorporating your favourite prints or family snaps.

It's a great way to express yourself, whilst also introducing a statement talking point that always looks impressive!

One of my favourite ways to incorporate this feature is to have it running directly up the staircase wall. Generally speaking, it looks better when confined to one wall, giving the illusion of more space.

Remember to consider the small details to ensure the overall look is well-thought-through and put together. For an in-depth guide, you can read more on exactly how to create the perfect gallery wall.

Get creative with hallway storage solutions

Hallway storage solutions may not be the sexiest topic on the list today, but it's essential if you want to create an elegant and streamlined space that actually works with the demands of family life.

If you are working with a small hallway and don't have enough room for a console table or shoe rack, then don't fear just yet! You could hang some wall storage with inbuilt baskets (for umbrellas, hats, scarves, etc), as well as hooks for coats.

If you have a little space (but not much), then I like IKEA's nifty shoe racks that look like pieces of furniture, but are actually super skinny and designed expressly to store footwear.

And if you're lucky and have a handsomely proportioned entranceway, then go for more storage with a bench, small table or cabinet that can easily be absorbed by a larger space.

You could also think about clever ways to use the valuable storage space under your stairs, for example by building some bespoke shelving or even creating a minimalist desk set-up.

Fit a stunning stair runner

A stair runner can be a lovely and simple addition to any staircase, that still manages to look expensive. It also gives the feeling of grandeur and space.

To give your hall stairs an illusion of longer length, why not try a carpet with vertical stripes? A two-tone colour scheme with a darker carpet runner and white-washed stairs can also be a gorgeous contrast.

Remember to choose a hard-wearing, low-pile carpet that will cope with the demands of this high-traffic area. Plush, high-pile carpets can become easily worn where people walk up and down in the middle, so they're better reserved for low-footfall rooms like bedrooms.

Choose panelling for a classic touch

Maybe you're lucky enough to have natural panelling running through your hall and up your staircase. Stair panelling adds character and a touch of sophistication to this space.

However, even if you live in a new build property, you can create your own wood panelling effect with minimal expense and tools (you'll just need to measure up for some wooden beads, then you'll need a spirit level, a tape measure, a saw and some wood glue!).

You can either go for a bold contrast between your panelling and wall colour (for example, I love deep blue against white walls). Alternatively, you could opt for complementary neutral shades. Try Farrow & Ball's Wimborne White on your woodwork against a classic white on your walls for a light and bright finish.

Install a reading nook on your landing

Stairs and landing reading nook

Is there anything more romantic and peaceful than a reading nook? If you have a window on your landing (nice view optional!), then you may be able to create a window seat. With an upholstered cushion seat in your choice of fabric and a few scatter cushions, this can be a picture-perfect spot to sit and watch the world go by outside.

If an inbuilt window seat isn't an option with your layout, then perhaps you still have room for a snug armchair and perhaps some small side tables.

There is often more space than you realise at the top of your stairs. However, a landing can be a neglected space as we tend to treat it as simply a thoroughfare on our way to other rooms. So pausing in this space and using it to its full potential can be a lovely interior design touch.

Bring the outside in with greenery

And finally, don't forget the magic ingredient when it comes to elevating any interior space - statement greenery and foliage!

Whether you like to nurture your houseplants or you're a no-maintenance faux-lover, remember to add plants to your hall, stairs and landing space.

Incorporate trailing greenery on high-level shelving to add interest, and perhaps a couple of standing pots of dracaena or monstera.

A Small Space That Packs a Big Impact

This is your opportunity to bring your own signature style to your home, in a small space which can pack a whole of impact!

If you want guests to have the wow factor when they open the door into your home, then get cracking on this forgotten area that can change the whole look and feel of your home. I for one can't wait to see the results!

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10 Wow-Factor Hallway, Stairs and Landing Ideas

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