8 Pampas Grass Decor Ideas We're Obsessed With

8 Pampas Grass Decor Ideas We're Obsessed With

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Have you been feeling lately that your home is lacking some oomph? Everything is well thought-through in terms of your home decor, but perhaps something about the space just feels a little stark and clinical... Do you want to add some much-needed natural texture and soften the mood, but aren't sure how to do so?

Enter the answer to all our interior styling prayers: pampas grass.

Here at Love to Home, we're a teensy bit obsessed with these fluffy, cloud-like plumes. For a gorgeous, feathery finish that is simultaneously low maintenance (tick), the perfect complement to neutral decor (tick), and will last for a long time (big tick), then you'll want to consider investing liberally in some dried pampas grass sprays.

Whether you're a decadent boho maximalist or prefer paired-back Scandi vibes, pampas grass is a stunning addition to any room that will add instant warmth and creative flair. Fortunately, it's difficult to overdo it with this fluffy beauty.

Loved amongst professional interior designers and sweeping Instagram and Pinterest by storm, it's easy to see why pampas grass is a go-to styling choice when it comes to rustic yet effortlessly modern home decor.

In this post, we'll explore the benefits of choosing pampas grass to create a cosy haven, as well as simple and creative ways to style this hot trend in your own home.

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Why Choose Pampas Grass?

Pampas grass is completely in vogue right now, but we're crossing our fingers that it might just stick around for a while. And this is because it pairs beautifully with neutral, timeless decor whilst being ridiculously easy to care for.

There's no denying that greenery will always be a popular choice, but pampas grass is loving the limelight right now. And in case you needed any more convincing, these lush creamy stalks have some enviable qualities:

Low maintenance

If you have a habit of killing your houseplants simply by looking in their direction (erm, guilty as charged!), then a slightly less needy houseplant may be exactly the botanical companion you never knew you were missing in your life. The beauty of pampas grass is that it is already dried, so it will happily coexist without requiring all that much time or attention from you. So long as you invest in a maximum-hold hairspray and give it a few spritzes from time to time, you should minimise shedding and maximise enjoyment of your fluffy stems.

Effortlessly neutral

Pampas grass is endlessly versatile thanks to its muted colour palette of soft browns and beiges. This wallflower may not shout the loudest, but its subtle drama blends cohesively with any decor scheme and can particularly enhance a modern and airy space.

Introduces texture

What is a designer's most coveted secret when it comes to creating an inviting, cosy interior feel? Texture, texture, and, you guessed it, more texture! Plants can soften harsh angles in rooms that may otherwise feel cold and unwelcoming. Pampas plumes, in particular, add a flowing, gentle texture that will help you to relax into your sumptuous space.

Enhances well-being

There are plenty of mental health benefits associated with bringing the outdoors in, so don't just capitalise on this trend for the Insta street cred. For a reduction in stress, a boost to your mood, and even increased work focus, adding a natural element to your room is more than a savvy decorating decision.

Decorating your home with pampas grass

8 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Pampas Grass

To elevate your interior styling, look no further than pampas grass for the perfect finishing touch. From traditional country styling to contemporary glamour, introducing a few feathery sprays is going to complement just about any decor style you can think of.

Read on for some handy tips and tricks when it comes to incorporating pampas grass in your home decor scheme.

1) Introduce height to a room

Pampas stems come in all shapes and sizes, but if you're looking to add much-needed height to your space, then opt for some stunning longer plumes.

This bushy, natural texture works well when placed in a plant pot in the corner of the room. For effortless drama that oozes low-key opulence, pampas is the ideal solution.

2) Create a year-round centrepiece

Is there anything more wonderful than the gift of fresh flowers? Well, not until they start to wilt and perish! A bouquet in bloom is a beautiful sight to behold, but particularly during the Autumn and Winter months, they tend to fade very quickly.

If you're a busy person and want to simplify one small area of your life, then opting for dried flowers over fresh is a natural touch that retains all the advantages of low-maintenance faux florals. In other words, you really do get the best of both worlds!

Pampas grass is voluminous and feathery, so makes the perfect basis for a beautiful tablescape.

3) Add to a dried floral bouquet

Pampas grass can absolutely hold its own and looks stunning when given the spotlight. But similarly, don't be afraid of some creative flower arranging.

There are plenty of dried florals you can use to create a gorgeous antique-effect display - for example, pop some pampas sprays in with fountain grass stems, thistles, gypsophilia, or bunny tails.

Different florals create visual interest and add a long-lasting decorative touch.

Pampas Grass Home Decor

4) Hang a pampas door wreath

Who said that wreaths had to be strictly for Christmas? Well, we beg to differ! You can enjoy a wreath at any time of year, whether it's hung on your front door or as a feature within your home.

A pampas grass wreath is a beautiful addition during the transitional months between Summer to Autumn. If you know exactly what you're after, you can buy one from various stores. We particularly like these gorgeous but affordable wreaths from Lisa Angel and Dunelm.

Alternatively, if you're feeling crafty, why not put your DIY skills to the test for the ultimate inviting entranceway?

5) Pair with minimalist Scandi vibes

Pampas grass particularly enhances neutral colour palettes, so if chilled-out Hygge is your style, then these dreamy stems will add all the texture you've ever wished for with soft, neutral undertones.

Think high-pile Berber rugs, cream sofas, light wood, and chunky-knit cosy throws for the ideal pampas accompaniment.

Home decorating with Pampas Grass

6) Create a spa-like bedroom retreat

If you want your bedroom to be a soothing haven at the end of a long and stressful day, then consider incorporating some calming pampas plumes.

A few mini stems filling a vase on your bedside table or dresser will be a welcome restful addition when you are winding down for sleep. Opt for beige, white, or even soft pink stems for a warm hue.

7) Show it off in a statement vase

Experiment with different sizes, shapes, and textures of vases to accentuate the look of your pampas grass stems.

For example, if it's making a dramatic centerpiece, opt for an oversized statement vase. Or, if you're after a more subtle finish, try a small glass bottle that keeps your pampas feathers the star of the show.

8) Go for all-out drama with a ceiling cloud

A suspended pampas grass cloud is an extravagant focal point of any room. We think this would look particularly stunning in a dining room or living room. And, one thing's for sure - your guests won't be able to ignore this mesmerising talking point!

For tips on how to go about constructing your own unique cloud, check out the above YouTube tutorial that walks you through the process.

Transform your interior space with pampas grass

Transform Your Space With Gorgeous Dried Pampas Grass

We hope that this article has given you some inspiration when it comes to pampas grass decorating ideas! There are so many ways to use these fabulous fluffy stems in your home - we can't wait for you to give them a try yourself.

Don't forget to show us the results and let us know how you get on!

Pampas Grass FAQ's

What is pampas grass?

Pampas grass is an ornamental grass native to the Pampas region in South America. Otherwise known by its Latinate name 'cortaderia selloana', it was later introduced to the wider world and gained popularity as a decorative dried floral.

How long does pampas grass last for?

A pampas plant can last for 10-15 years. However, as a decorative indoor element, pampas stems can last for a few years with careful maintenance.

How should I care for my pampas grass?

Keep your pampas grass to low-traffic areas of your home, and to minimise shedding, give it a quick mist of hairspray every month or so. Kel from Oh So Kel (see Kel's Home Tour here) has written a guide on how to care for pampas grass here.

How do I know when to replace my pampas grass?

If your pampas grass has lost its volume and is looking a bit worse for wear, you'll want to consider replacing with fresh plumes. However, this should only be once every few years or so.

Is real or faux pampas grass best?

It's entirely down to personal choice. Arguably, pampas grass requires such little maintenance that you may as well opt for the real deal. But, if you're very low maintenance when it comes to your home, then there are some incredibly realistic faux alternatives to choose from.

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8 Pampas Grass Decor Ideas We're Obsessed With

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