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Ok, so perhaps I should've titled this post "8 Things I'm going to Want from Tesco's new range..." because, in actual fact, I'm fairly smitten with the homewares Tesco is selling.

Have you seen the range yet? Fox & Ivy is full of what appear to be well-priced, stylish things for the home, and I have a bedroom that's just begging to be accessorised after painting the walls in a glorious shade of crocodile - B&Q's Colours Premium range - (on that note, pick the kitchen paint option instead of the standard matte emulsion).

The Soho section of Fox & Ivy is my favourite one, and so today I'm sharing a handful of what I think are the most stylish (and the best value for money). Many of them are in my shopping basket as we speak - and I'd love to hear what's caught your eye too. Take a look below and see if you fancy any of these homewares, and let me know what you think about the pricing too. I think it stands up fairly well against the likes of Next and Matalan, don't you?

Teal enamel photo frame (4x4 inches) - £10.00 here

This photo frame looks the perfect thing for showing off a treasured photo - it's glitzy enough to command attention, but not the least bit 'blingy'. I'd give it pride of place in my living room.

Extra-large geo metal lantern - £16.00 here

I really, really love this lantern. The fact its gold makes it look luxurious and twinkly (perfect for autumn/winter, right?), and I like that the geo cut-outs throw a beautiful pattern on the wall. Lovely!

Geo embroidery cushion - £16.00 here

This is absolutely perfect for autumn and winter, and it's a good way of adding pattern if not into big zaney prints or florals. They'll look great against a dark sofa, and they'd make a great feature in a bedroom used as scatter cushions on a bed.

Metal base table lamp - £30.00 here

Black and copper is very on-trend right now, but still quite timeless too. I'd buy a pair and use them as bedside lamps, particularly given that a black shade will create an ambient, cosy glow rather than throwing lots of light around.

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Gold edge hanging frame 10x10cm - £6.00 here 

I've wanted a hanging picture frame for ages now (I think they've been slowly growing in popularity again over the last few years), and this dinky one lends just enough of an eclectic-spin on a room without it looking over the top. Personally I'd display a pressed flower or a vintage postcard cutting inside it.

Teal and rose-gold vase - £18.00 here

Forget bringing flowers... if someone bought me this vase, I'd be over the moon. I love the rose gold base with the blue glass - it'd look beautiful against an off-white wall, don't you think?

Polka dot luxury scented filled candle - £8.00 here 

I'm a sucker for candles at the best of times, but when they're selling for £8 and smell like lilies (with 20 hours burn time), I'm stocking up! I like the candle holder too: the gold polka dots on cream are playful without being too young.

Platinum band serving bowl - £10.00 here 

This serving bowl is a classic design, perfect for Sunday dinner. But it's the platinum band that gives it an edge. Personally I'd save this for special occasions, such as dinner with the girls over a bottle of wine.

So, what you do you reckon? Has Tesco hit the mark or do you think someone else is doing it better? I'd love to hear your thoughts. :)

p.s Habitat is killing it with this mirror (I think), and if you need a bit of a detox from buying homewares instead of adding to your collection, check out this advice on decluttering.

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Fancy a bit of shopping? Here are 8 things you're going to want from the Fox and Ivy range at Tesco. Photo credit: courtesy of Tesco