Interior Design Trends 2024: A Sneak Peek into the Future

Interior Design Trends 2024: A Sneak Peek into the Future

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If you're planning to renovate your home in the coming year, then you might draw inspiration from some of the fantastic design trends that have emerged in 2023, and which look set to arrive in 2024.

Let's take stock of a few of the more inspiring of them.

A Dive into Opulent Darkness

Over the past three months, there's been a marked rise in search traffic for 'dark maximalism'. This is a specific kind of maximalism with a particular focus on gothic, rich colours. The palate here is almost always dark, with visual interest being provided by ornate decorations, paintings and wallpapers.

This is a trend that's come and gone over the years. It enjoyed particular prominence during the Victorian era, but now it's back. For best results, we want a mixture of many different shapes and styles of decorative pieces.

Quiet Luxury

Another trending style of interior is the 'quiet luxury', which seeks to distinguish itself from the blingy, loud kind of luxury, which often ends up coming across as completely tasteless. It's difficult to go wrong with quiet luxury, as you'll be going for a minimalistic look, with fewer items in any given space.

This means we can allocate more resources to fewer decorative items. Look for quality pieces of furniture, and stick to a neutral, muted colour palette. The objective here is to create a subtle sense of quality and timelessness.

This should extend to your storage furniture, which should ideally be bespoke and fitted, with clever storage options. Include glamour units and luxury trays, so that you can take good care of the few expensive items of jewellery you're going to be investing in.

Embracing Mother Earth

One colour that's set to make a resurgence in the year to come is brown. Chocolates, umbers, chestnuts and maroons – many of these hues take their inspiration (and their names) from real-world phenomena.

Brown tones serve as a useful antidote to the sterile whites and chrome we might find in our working lives. They help to evoke a sense of warmth, and to bring a little bit of nature into the interior.

Browns also tend to make for a statement colour. In certain cases, they're a throwback to the palettes we saw in the 1970s – so timelessness shouldn't be the aim of the game, here.

What makes it especially appealing is the fact that it works so well with a range of other shades. Use brown as a backdrop, and build up layers of bolder shades.

Dark interiors for 2024

Undone Interiors

The 'undone' movement embraces an interior that looks slightly dilapidated – but in a very controlled and deliberate way. You might think of wooden furniture that's been deliberately distressed, or that lacks the finish and polish of other items.

This is something that you can lean into with the help of a trip to the local charity shop, or by upcycling.

To Conclude

The world of interior design is in constant flux, as new ways of doing things come and go. What really matters for your interior is your personal taste, and the resale value of your home.

When you're looking for inspiration, it's best to take what's useful and discard everything else. It might be that your next renovation draws elements from all of the trends we've mentioned here!

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2024 Home Design Trends: From Dark Maximalism to Quiet Luxury

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