Verdigris Interior Ideas for a Stylish Home

10 Verdigris Interior Ideas for a Stylish Home

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If you’re searching for design inspiration or you want to upgrade your home with a new colour palette, look no further than Verdigris. From striking living rooms and sophisticated bedrooms to vibrant playrooms and energising workspaces, it’s the perfect colour for virtually any area and it can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your surroundings.

What Is Verdigris?

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because it probably is! Technically, the term refers to the copper salts of acetic acid and it’s commonly used to describe the colour and appearance of aged copper. Over time, metals, such as copper, bronze or brass, form a greenish-blue substance as they weather, and this is known as Verdigris.

Used frequently by artists throughout the Middle Ages, Baroque and Renaissance periods, Verdigris has long been admired for its vibrant hues and deep saturations, and it’s become a popular colour in interior design too.

To discover how you can enhance your home with this outstanding shade, take a look at my favourite Verdigris interior ideas now:

1. Paint a Statement Wall Verdigris

In its natural form, Verdigris can vary from a bold blueish green to an almost transparent robin’s egg blue, but paint manufacturers have taken the most vibrant form of Verdigris to create a range of striking shades.

Even amongst Verdigris coloured paints, you’ll find the shade varies quite considerably from one manufacturer to another. Personally, I think this is fantastic as it gives you the opportunity to decorate your home in a unique colour palette that won’t be seen anywhere else.

If you want to add a statement feature to a room, painting one wall in a bold, vibrant colour is an easy way to achieve your goal, and what’s better than Verdigris? Choose a deeper shade if you want to make the space feel warm and cosy or go for a lighter version if you want to brighten the room and enjoy a cool, relaxed feel.

2. Create a Classic Feel with Verdigris Wallpaper

To mimic the effects of true Verdigris in a matter of minutes, hang Verdigris wallpaper. Often featuring elements of copper and bronze, as well as bluey green, Verdigris wallpaper can be understated yet impactful.

Again, there is significant variation when it comes to Verdigris wallpaper. Some feature much more of a copper base, whereas others appear as a deeper green and some a much lighter blue or teal. To find the perfect wallpaper for your home, add samples to the space you intend to decorate and review them in various lights to decide which one works best.

PRO TIP: Remember to take them down afterwards, otherwise you’ll end up with a home covered with snippets of different wallpaper colours and patterns. Just saying.

3. Enliven a Space with Verdigris and White

As always, the colour palette you decorate with has a significant impact on how each shade looks and feels. When you pair Verdigris with white, for example, the cool white really brings out the vibrancy of the Verdigris shade, making it feel bolder and livelier than ever.

To maximise the impact, choose block Verdigris walls with white trims and light flooring, such as laminate or oak hardwood floors.

This is one of my favourite Verdigris interior ideas for when you want to create a bright, fresh space. It can work in any room but it’s particularly well-suited to kitchens, studies and bedrooms. With a complementary colour to complete your palette, such as soft grey, you can balance the vibrancy of bold Verdigris with a softer feel too.

4. Add Furniture with a Verdigris Finish

For an instant interior design update, incorporate furniture with a Verdigris finish into your existing rooms. This allows you to embrace the design benefits of Verdigris but is, perhaps, the easiest way to recreate the appearance of real Verdigris in your home.

Any furniture that has metal features can have a Verdigris finish, but you’ll find that designers and artisans have extended the reach of Verdigris by using it to enhance other materials too. From chair legs and lamp stems to coffee tables and dining tables, there are endless pieces that are enhanced with a Verdigris finish.

While it’s easy to assume that Verdigris effect furniture always had an antique appearance, this isn’t the case. Although there are certainly some spectacular classical pieces that feature a Verdigris effect, there are plenty of contemporary styles that incorporate this unique feature too. So, whatever style you’re going for, rest assured, you can enjoy the delights of Verdigris!

5. Fuse Verdigris with Dark Colours for Drama

The versatility of Verdigris means it can be used alongside a wide range of shade and pairing it with dark colours is a fantastic way to create a bold and dramatic design. When you combine Verdigris with black, for example, it creates a striking palette that never fails to impress.

Envisage deep Verdigris walls surrounding a statement dining table in black marble with gold adornments to add a sense of glamour and you’ve got the ultimate in sophisticated elegance.

For smaller spaces, darker Verdigris tones can enhance the sense of intimacy and create a welcoming and enveloping atmosphere, so don’t shy away from using deeper shades of Verdigris around your home.

6. Complement with Copper

As Verdigris naturally appears on copper as it ages, it makes sense that combining the two would well in interior design. Pendant lights with a softened copper interior and Verdigris outer finish enhance any space, for example.

Personally, I love the visual impact of a freestanding copper bath with exterior Verdigris effect. Not only does it turn your bathroom into a showstopping space, but it reflects the natural addition of Verdigris to copper and incorporates this into your design.

Infusing your interior design with metallics is always a great way to brighten up a space and add texture and, like nature tells us, copper and Verdigris are the perfect match.

7. Catch the Light in Sunny Rooms

When you’re deciding which Verdigris interior ideas to incorporate into your home, consider which rooms get the most natural light and the impact this will have on your décor. Verdigris, in particular, feels lighter and brighter in rooms that are bestowed with copious amounts of natural light, so use this to your advantage when you’re designing the interior of your property.

If your living space or conservatory benefits from large amounts of natural light, for example, use Verdigris to capitalise on this and enjoy a happy and relaxed vibe. Similarly, if you have sliding or bi-fold doors that allow the sunlight to flow into a kitchen or entertainment room, then give the space a fresh, vibrant feel with Verdigris.

8. Use Earth Tones for Extra Warmth

Combining Verdigris with earth tones, like terracotta or brown, is a great way to create a rustic feel that oozes warmth and comfort, as well as understated elegance. Perfect for laidback relaxation, you can utilise this colour palette anywhere you want to enjoy tranquillity and serenity.

In the summertime, the light will bounce off the earth tones and brighten the space, yet in the cooler months, the warmth of the shades will deliver unrivalled cosiness and contentment.

Whether you choose Verdigris as a prominent shade in your colour palette or you use it to complement an earth tone, you’ll find that it adds richness and depth to your interiors.

9. Refresh Furniture with a Verdigris Finish

If you want to give your interior design a lift and you fancy yourself as a budding craftsman (or woman!), then why not add a Verdigris finish to existing pieces of furniture?

From glaze paint for ceramics to acrylics, chalk paint and even spray paint, there are endless products you can use to add a Verdigris finish to wood, metals and plastics. With a little prep (and patience), you can create your own Verdigris effect accessories to enhance the décor throughout your home.

PRO TIP: When you’re choosing which products to use, bear in mind that Verdigris effect paints can be split into two categories: those that provide an instant faux Verdigris finish and those that contain stabilised copper particles to accelerate the formation of real Verdigris.

10. Use Verdigris for Outdoor Décor and Design

While we’ve focused mainly on Verdigris interior ideas in this post, it would be remiss not to mention how fabulous Verdigris can look when it’s incorporated into exterior design. After all, this is where you are most likely to find real Verdigris.

Give gates or fences an authentic feel with a Verdigris finish or choose garden furniture with a Verdigris effect to ensure your outdoor space looks as good as your interior design!

Enhance Your Home with Verdigris Interior Ideas

Whether you use a block Verdigris colour to brighten your home or a mesmerising Verdigris finish to add drama and suspense to your décor, it easy to create a stylish and sophisticated visual impact with this inimitable shade. Simply choose your favourite Verdigris interior ideas to start planning your latest design update!

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10 Verdigris Interior Ideas for a Stylish Home

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