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There's nothing nicer than a clean and tidy house, is there? Well, perhaps having someone do it all for you... But alas, most of us have to work our way through the chores on our own, bleaching bathrooms, wading through the laundry and wiping down the kitchen again, and again, and again... But what if you knew some cleaning hacks that made your routine so much easier?

Well, I've scoured the web - and actually tried - a whole bunch of cleaning hacks. From some that are so simple, you'll be amazed they haven't occurred to you before, to others that are simply ingenious.

Here are 10 life-changing cleaning hacks to try this week...

1. Stop the bottom of your bin smelling...

... by placing some old newspaper in the bottom of each new bin liner. This will soak up any spills or liquids and means you won't have to clean out the bottom of the bin so often.

2. For fluffy towels and dressing gowns...

...skip the fabric softener and use white vinegar instead. It will leave your towels and dressing gowns feeling ultra soft and fluffy, and it won't smell vinegary either.

Clean kitchen: Want to make cleaning your home an absolute breeze? Try these cleaning hacks from . Photo credit @mjyhomestlyle via Instagram

3. Use old socks to clean blinds...

Make dusting the blinds easier on yourself by putting a damp old sock over your hand. Then run your hand along each of the slats from one end to the other, removing dust from both sides of the slats at once.

4. Remove finger stains from stainless steel appliances... adding few drops of olive oil (or baby oil) to kitchen roll, buffing it into the surface. Wipe off any excess with a clean piece of paper towel.

Clean dining room: Want to make cleaning your home an absolute breeze? Try these cleaning hacks from . Photo credit @mjyhomestlyle via Instagram

5. Steam clean your microwave

Fill a microwave-safe bowl with cold water. Drop in half a lemon and turn the microwave on for few minutes at full power. This will loosen any food debris. Then remove the bowl and wipe the inside clean.

6. Remove hard water stains from taps by...

...soaking some kitchen towel in white vinegar and placing them on top of the taps. Leave the kitchen towel overnight, scrub it clean and rinse.

Spotlessly clean kitchen: Want to make cleaning your home an absolute breeze? Try these cleaning hacks from . Photo credit @mjyhomestlyle via Instagram

7. Blitz your dishwasher with almost zero effort

Pour in one cup of bicarbonate of soda into the bottle of your dishwasher. Let it sit overnight - then, in the morning, run the hottest cycle possible with nothing in the machine. Add vinegar to the detergent drawer - it won't be smelly anymore.

8. Remove limescale from your shower head... filling a plastic ziploc bag with white vinegar. Tie the bag onto the shower head using a hair bobble, ensuring the head is submerged inside the vinegar. Go and do something else for a few hours, remove the bag and wipe clean.

9. Stop dust particles from floating around... ensuring you're always dusting with a slightly damp cloth. Add a few drops of lavender oil (or peppermint oil if you want to keep spiders at bay) for an extra nice scent.

10. Descale your kettle

... by filling it with equal parts white vinegar and cold water. Bring the kettle to the boil, let it sit overnight, then rinse it well and boil it a few times with plain water to get rid of any lingering vinegar.

Did you know any of these cleaning hacks already? And do you have any cleaning hacks to suggest of your own? I'd love to hear them! Or you know... maybe you could just come and clean my house for me, pretty please.

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10 life changing cleaning hacks you need to try in your home this week...