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A Light & Bright Georgian Living Room

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Sarah's gorgeous Georgian living room

Photo credit: Sarah M - you can find her @aconstantdreamer via Instagram

Boy oh boy - this Georgian living room is something special. Sarah lives in a breathtakingly beautiful Georgian house in the Cotswolds with her husband, and as soon I stumbled across Sarah's instagram feed and saw that sunshine flooding in through those beautiful windows, I knew we had to ask if I could do a tour with her.

Fortunately, Sarah said yes. We chatted, swapped photos and I admired those beautiful white walls, the plush carpet, the classic style and the incredible quality of the furniture and artwork in this room.

So, can I just go ahead and let you peek into Sarah’s beautiful Georgian living room? You’re bound to come away with lots of different ideas to borrow for your home…I know I have.

Georgian family room flooded with light via

Sarah's house has classic high ceilings and sash windows throughout, yet it feels contemporary and comfortable too. Her and her husband moved into the property in December 2014 (exactly one week before Christmas) and have been putting their own touch on it ever since.

Look at the light in this georgian living room!

Sarah says that before they lived in this property, they lived in a small house that really a suited shabby chic style. They’ve also lived in a cottage that nodded to the industrial trend, so they’re well-experienced at furnishing and designing a home of all different kinds of styles. But now that she lives here, Sarah has decided to opt for classic pieces that suit the age of the property, slowly replacing the shabby chic and industrial items they had before. After all, as Sarah points out, the period of the property you’re living in does a lot to dictate the kind of interior design style it best suits.

Check out this Georgian home tour via The sunlight in this Georgian living room is beautiful. See the home tour via

The house was in pretty good shape when Sarah and her husband bought it. The previous owners had tanked the entire downstairs and cellar, sorted out a drain issue under the living room floor and put in a kitchen (as the house didn’t really have one before). So, all that Sarah and her husband had to was cosmetic work. However, Sarah says that she’s learnt “only cosmetic” is no small undertaking at all… twenty months later, it’s been a lot of hard work! (Though I have to say, it certainly looks worth it).

Georgian living room with a beautiful fireplace via

The foxed mirror above the fireplace is 200 years old. It’s absolutely beautiful, isn’t it? I also love the white walls and the beautiful wood burner, and those two candles either side of the mirror are super classy.

In love with this fresh Georgian living room via

Sarah says there are a few items of sentimental value in here. For example, the cabinet is a real favourite of hers and was a brilliant find on eBay. She also loves the artwork (check out a map of Arabia dating from 1750) and her original set of six Edwardian ladies.

This reupholstered armchair is part of Sarah's Georgian living room tour

Finally, there’s Sarah’s antique cream armchair which she recently had reupholstered. I imagine it all makes for a really cosy space to curl up with to read a book, watch a movie or entertain some good friends.

So what do you think? Are you feeling inspired? Don’t forget, you can pin all of the images in this tour if you want to keep anything for inspiration, and be sure to check out Sarah’s kitchen and dining room tour too.

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