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Turn Your Bedroom into a Self Care Haven with These Tricks

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If you feel like life is whizzing by at a million miles an hour, it's probably safe to say that you're not someone who gets a whole of time for self-care. But, I think it's important to feel as rested as you can be - whatever commitments you have - and one of the easiest ways to do that is to find a place in your home for rest and recuperation.

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You're most likely to find this space in your bedroom - especially if you share your home with pets or children that seem to have the run of the entire house (and perhaps even your room right now, too!).

So, here are a few ideas for turning your bedroom into a self-care haven.

Ban Visitors from Your Bedroom

Ok - so a total ban on your kids probably isn't going to work, but if you have little ones that like to wander in, wake you up or chatter incessantly, it might be worth setting some limits on when they're allowed to come in. Figure out what works for you, but knowing you can sometimes shut the bedroom door and get ten minutes of peace can make all the difference.

Pick a Decorating Scheme That Feels Good for You

I think people often underestimate the impact of colour on their mood, but it's worth addressing if you have the time and budget to change it. Whether you like dark and dramatic interiors, or light and bright spaces, redecorate your bedroom so that it feels like somewhere you can recharge. I recently painted my bedroom in a shade of dark green, which is perfect for me as I like my sleeping space to feel natural, cocooning and cosy.

Think about the colours you wear most often if you need a little bit of inspiration, or check out some bedroom inspiration on Pinterest and see if you can spot some common threads in what you're pinning over and over again. (Consider doing a 'what's my style' quiz too - here are some of the best I've found)

Invest in a Decent Bed for Real Self-Care

It's true - a good quality bed isn't likely to come cheap.

But, not only is it something that's integral to relaxation and proper rest, but it's also somewhere you're spending approximately a third of your life if you're in bed for roughly 8 hours at a time... so doesn't it make sense to be really, really comfortable?

Try out different mattresses to see what style suits you best, think about the frame and headboard, and treat yourself to the best quality duvets and pillows you can afford. It might feel like a lot of financial outlay at first, but it will repay you in good quality sleep - something that's priceless when you're a busy person.

Personally, this is my favourite mattress ever.

Sleep in Nice Bedsheets

'Nice' bed sheets will mean something different to each of us. Some of us love Egyptian cotton, for example, whereas others love flannel. But whatever the case, just treat yourself to something you love to snuggle into.

Make sure you pick a fabric that's breathable (i.e. something that doesn't contain much polyester, if any), and choose a design you love. Something that goes with the rest of your decorating scheme or can be thrown in the wash with other family members' bedding will work doubly hard for no extra effort on your part.

Make Beautiful Window Dressings

Your eye will be drawn to the window dressings in your bedroom, so make sure they're something you like looking at. A rattan blind is perfect for those who like a boho, natural look in their bedrooms, whereas a blackout blind in a solid colour could fit a contemporary scheme perfectly - and ensure you get an undisturbed night's sleep too.

Add more layers (for decoration and light-blocking) by hanging curtains on top, or consider leaving the whole lot bare if you have an incredible view and plenty of privacy: what's better than waking to the sight of the sea or countryside when it comes to self-care, for example? (Just invest in a good eye mask, perhaps!).

Consider All Your Senses

Finally, when you think of a spa-like bedroom, you might be imaging relaxing music and nice smells. That's because good interior design impacts all of our senses rather than just our eyes, so think about the elements you might have enjoyed at various spa days in the past - diffusers, incense or natural oils can be very relaxing, and a speaker that stays in your room to play music or ambient noise is another great way of turning your bedroom into a self-care haven.

Those are just a few ideas for turning your bedroom into a self-care haven. Do you have any tricks of your own to share with everyone? Comment below - I'd love to hear them.

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Need some time on your own to recharge and recuperate? Here's how to turn your bedroom into a self-care haven with www.lovetohome.co.uk Image credit: @creamandnavy via Instagram

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