Eye-Catching Emerald Green Sofa Living Room Ideas

9 Eye-Catching Emerald Green Sofa Living Room Ideas

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Here at Love to Home, there is one living room design trend that we are absolutely obsessed with (and if truth be told, we've been obsessed with it for a good while now!). Let's make it clear here: we're not talking olive green, muted green, or even minty green shades. We're talking about deep and striking emerald green sofa living room ideas.

Whilst your eyes might light up over some stunning emerald sofa snaps on Pinterest, it's completely understandable that such a punchy shade can feel like an intimidating choice. Whether you're feeling particularly bold or you want some simple guidance on how best to inject a sparkling pop of colour into your home, then read on to get the low-down on this easy-to-style yet dramatic look.

Even if you worry that you have no interior design flair whatsoever, a green couch can't help but show itself off as a stunning focal point in any room, so the good news is that you really can't go too far wrong. If you stick to some tried and tested styling guidelines, you can even create that Insta-worthy living space you've been pining for!

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Help! Is an Emerald Green Sofa Too 'Out-There'?

Now, let's address one more quick point before we get into it.

There's plenty of advice that will tell you to go neutral with your big pieces of furniture. This is a room you'll likely be spending the majority of your time in, so needs to be a space you can live in without tiring of it too quickly. It's also true that statement pieces like sofas are more difficult and expensive to change if you want to freshen up your decor a few years down the line.

I've heard it muttered a lot in interior design circles that it's therefore best to go bold in your wall colour and accessory choices, as it's a lot easier to update your living room with a lick of paint or a refresh of scatter cushions. And, yep, to a certain extent... this all makes logical sense.

Emerald Green Sofa Ideas

But I can't help but feel there's more than an ounce of truth in that little Latin proverb:

"Fortune favours the brave."

To put it bluntly, you won't get to the end of your life and regret the bold moves you made. But you might regret the 'what if' of your dreamy sofa. So if you're feeling jittery about shelling out on an emerald-green sofa, then just remember that there are benefits to going all in with the wow-factor finish - a statement sofa choice is decisive, bold, and powerful. All things we can aspire to be more of in our lives.

Try These 9 Gorgeous Emerald Green Sofa Ideas

For emerald green sofa inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, look no further! Below are 9 gorgeous and unique ways to style your green sofa, with a complete living room decor scheme in mind.

Make it the star of the show

Make your emerald green velvet sofa pop against white walls with a neutral, boho vibe. This scheme works best with natural flooring and natural wood finishes. To soften the overall finish of the space, make sure to incorporate plenty of different textures. For example, fleecy cushions, woven knitted blankets, and a must-have large high-pile Berber rug (the bigger, the better!).

Green and white are colours that promote health, wellness, and clarity. If balance and harmony are important qualities to you, then this will help to create a spa-like sanctuary at the end of a busy day where you can truly kick back and relax.

Pair it with pink

Is there a more beautiful combination than blush pink and deep emerald green? Because I'm yet to be convinced otherwise!

If you're looking for a colour scheme that is natural, contemporary, and just works, then complement your velvet green couch with some pink cushions, or add a couple of scalloped art deco armchairs in a splash of coral for a sophisticated feel.

And, if you fancy going one step braver still, consider an all-over light pink hue for your living room walls. Not only will your green sofa really pop against this lighter shade, but it can also add all-important warmth and depth to north-facing rooms.

Radiate opulence with gold accents

One of lesser known design rules to keep a space feeling cohesive and well put together is to stick to similar finishes when it comes to your furniture and accessories. For instance, don't mix antique brass finishes with silver touches. Or, if your space is peppered with natural textures, it's probably best to avoid highly polished chrome.

This is mostly common sense but it's also amazing how much easier it is to make decisive purchasing decisions when you keep this one handy tip in mind!

Emerald green is a warm, rich tone that can be elevated to a whole new level with gold trims and accents. Think: antique gold-effect accent tables, a stunning light fitting, or pretty gold candle holders.

Go jungle-inspired with foliage

If you were already feeling a little outside of your comfort zone just contemplating an emerald green sofa, then I'm definitely going to push you over the edge with this one! But bear with me, because it can be a bold and inspiring move to bring the outdoors in.

Try a floral or leafy print wallpaper as a feature wall if you want to add drama and catch people's attention! And for an outrageously maximalist finish, don't forget to add some statement potted greenery like a cheese plant or dracaena.

Punctuate with bright colour pops

Emerald green is a vibrant tone that can hold its own, so it pairs particularly well with bright pops of colour. Experiment with zesty yellow, bright orange, or cerise pink for a fun touch that can't help but make you smile.

If your space can alter your mood and even reflect your personality, then what better message to send to your subconscious? This decor scheme will make you feel cheerful even on a dull day.

However, a quick word to the wise: don't overdo it! You only need a few pops of colour here and there to create the desired effect. Cushions are a great way to inject colour, but after this, limit it to just a couple of carefully selected decorative pieces around the room.

Hang a gallery wall above it

If you've ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to planning and curating the perfect gallery wall, then you'll want to check out our comprehensive guide here.

Incorporating a gallery wall that features your favourite eye-catching prints will create a gorgeous backdrop to your emerald sofa. This is a statement way to draw the eye and create a stunning focal point that your guests won't be able to hide their enthusiasm about!

Create a moody atmosphere

An emerald sofa will pop in a white room, and it'll blend cohesively into the background with a moody colour scheme. Dark interiors are lovely, cocooning spaces when done well. You can achieve this look in your own living room by choosing a deep green, blue, or charcoal paint shade.

A couple of my favourites are from Farrow & Ball - try Hague Blue or Down Pipe. Glasshouse from Graham & Brown is another stunning tone if you want to pick out the exact emerald hue of your sofa.

Add a touch of class with wood panelling

Whether you're lucky enough to have real character panelling in your home, or you've created your own feature panelling with some simple wooden beading, this is a classic touch which will add instant elegance to any room.

A velvet emerald green sofa pairs perfectly with wall panelling, and if you want an ultra-modern twist on a traditional style, opt for an emerald Chesterfield sofa.

Oh, and don't forget to check out our complete guide to Chesterfield sofas if you're a fan of this popular classic!

Style it with a mid-century modern twist

Mid-century modern and vibrant green sofas are two of my favourite things, and I can't see either going out of fashion anytime soon!

Pair your emerald green sofa with a couple of buttery smooth, tan leather armchairs, as well as mid-century style furniture and plenty of Teak wood finishes. The green of your sofa will bring mid-century styling into the 21st century in a completely on-trend and relevant way.

Add a Touch of Drama to Your Living Room With an Emerald Green Sofa

We hope that this guide gives you some much-needed inspiration when it comes to styling your emerald-green sofa. Whether you're sold on a corner sofa, a Chesterfield, or it just has to be a velvet finish, an emerald green sofa is sure to bring effortless drama to any living space.

We absolutely love to see real-life examples in real homes, so be sure to take some pics and submit your before-and-after living room transformation for the chance to be featured on Love to Home!

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9 Eye-Catching Emerald Green Sofa Living Room Ideas

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