Choose The Right Size Throw for a King Size Bed

Choose the Right Size Throw for a King Size Bed

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Are you looking to add an extra layer of warmth and comfort to your king size bed? A throw can be a great way to do just that. But with so many sizes, fabrics, textures and patterns available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. This article will provide helpful tips on how to pick the perfect throw for a king size bed. We'll look at factors such as mattress length and width, desired coverage area, fabric types and more so you can make an informed decision when selecting your new throw. So let's get started!

Understanding Mattress Length and Width for a King Size Bed

Choosing the right throw for a king size bed may seem like an overwhelming task, but understanding mattress length and width can make it much easier. A king size bed is typically 150cm wide and 200cm long (5ft wide by 6ft 6in long), making it one of the larger bed sizes available. The length and width measurements are key to finding the right throw size.

Consider the Desired Coverage Area

Once you have determined the length and width of your mattress, you should consider the desired coverage area of your throw. This will help you determine how much fabric is needed for the throw to cover the entire bed. You should also pay attention to any additional features like tassels, fringes, or textures that should be considered when measuring the area.

Choosing Fabrics, Patterns, and Textures

When selecting the fabric for your throw, you should consider what type of texture and pattern works best in your space. From cosy cable knits to luxurious velvet fabrics, there are many options available that can give your bed a unique look. It is important to think about how the fabric will interact with other elements in the room, such as pillows and blankets. You may also want to consider using a patterned fabric if you are looking for something more eye-catching.

Measuring the Area to Determine What Size Throw is Necessary

Measuring the area of your bed is a crucial step when determining what size throw you need. It’s important to measure the exact area you want the throw to cover so that you can ensure it fits perfectly with no gaps or excess fabric. You should also take into account any patterns or textures on the fabric, as these may affect the overall size. We would recommend a throw size of around 250cm x 250cm for a UK King size bed.

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Tips on How to Care For Your Throw Properly

Once you have chosen your perfect throw for your king size bed, it’s important to know how to properly care for it. Always follow the instructions on the fabric label when washing and drying your throw. It is also a good idea to use a lint roller after each wash, as this will help keep the fabric looking fresh and free of pet hair or dust. If your throw has tassels, fringes, or other embellishments, make sure to clean them separately and with a gentle hand. Lastly, avoid storing your throw in direct sunlight as this can cause the fabric to fade over time.

Final Thoughts on Selecting The Best Throw For a King Size Bed

Choosing the right throw for a king size bed can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be. By understanding mattress length and width, considering desired coverage area, selecting fabrics, patterns and textures that work best in your space and measuring the area correctly you'll be able to find a perfect throw for your particular needs. Don’t forget to care properly for your new throw by following instructions on how to clean it or store it away when not in use. With these tips in mind, you should feel confident finding the ideal throw for any king size bed!

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Choose The Right Size Throw for a King Size Bed

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