Choosing the Right Outdoor Christmas Lights for Your Home

Choosing the Right Outdoor Christmas Lights for Your Home

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Are you planning to go all out with your festive decorations this year? Adding lights to your house exterior is a great way to take things to the next level, and there are many options available to suit all styles.

Follow this guide to choosing the right outdoor Christmas lights for your home to achieve a sensational seasonal display year each year.

What Are the Types of Outdoor Lights for Christmas?

There is an overwhelming amount of outdoor lights on offer. Some of the most popular outdoor lights for Christmas include:

  • String lights – larger bulbs spread out evenly along one long string, ideal for suspending above outdoor seating areas
  • Fairy lights – smaller bulbs on a fully flexible wire, best for wrapping around tree trunks and branches and stretching into patterns on the wall
  • Icicle lights – seasonally shaped lights designed to dangle beneath the doors, windows and the eaves of your roof
  • Festive figures – floor-level decorations with a Christmas theme illuminated from the inside to give a generous glow
  • Projections – moving illuminations powered by LED such as fake snowfall, dancing fireflies, and rainbow showers

    What to Consider When Choosing Your Lights

    Your desired look

    Think about your desired look for your display when choosing your lights. Are you hoping for an elegant arrangement that’s soft and subtle, or an impactful in-your-face experience? Whatever you choose, having the right lights is essential to achieving your preferred effect.

    Smaller bulbs with warm light are great for creating cosiness, while cold lights will mirror the frosty weather outside. Slow-changing lights can be serene, but fast flashes are best reserved for displays designed to excite.

    Weather resistance

    As any resident will know, the UK is associated with rain for good reason. Wet weather is a frequent occurrence throughout the year but most especially in winter. You can also expect episodes of high wind, frost, and snow.

    This means that weather resistance is an important consideration for your outdoor lights. Check the IP rating on the product and remember the simple rule that the higher the number, the greater the weather resistance.

    Remember that under no circumstances should you attempt to use indoor lights to decorate the exterior of your house. These lights do not meet the necessary safety standards.

    Energy efficiency

    With electricity bills staying high this winter, energy efficiency should be a priority if you want your outdoor light display to remain cost-effective.

    LED lights use a low amount of energy but will glow just as brightly as traditional bulbs, so you’ll use less energy in the long run to power outdoor lights labelled as LEDs.

    You can even find solar-powered Christmas lights which are eco-friendly and keep your bill at zero.

    More simply, you could set a timer to control how long the lights are on each evening, preventing unnecessary energy from being used while the neighbourhood is asleep.

    To Sum Up

    As you embark on creating your festive wonderland, remember that the right outdoor Christmas lights can transform your home into a seasonal spectacle. Whether you choose the twinkling charm of fairy lights or the dramatic flair of icicle lights, ensure they are weather-resistant and energy-efficient.

    With these tips in mind, you're all set to illuminate your home with the spirit of the holidays, bringing joy and warmth to your neighborhood. So go ahead, light up your exteriors and let your festive spirit shine brightly!

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    Ultimate Guide to Choosing Outdoor Christmas Lights for Your Home

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