Here are some non-crafty Halloween ideas to try this Halloween. Photo credit: @lenespedersen via Instagram

3 Non-Crafty Halloween Ideas

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Photo credit: with permission from Lene Pedersen via Instagram (@lenepedersen)

Last week I posted a few super-straightforward craft ideas to get your house looking spooky and spectacular in time for Halloween. But, I suspect there are lots of us who don't much like faffing around with stationery supplies. So, what can you do if you want to mark this spooky time of year without covering your windows in homemade hanging bats?

Well, I'd recommend these three ideas. They're all really easy and are essentially just basic twists on the things you'd probably already be doing. So, check them out and consider giving them a go yourself - I promise, there's not a glue gun in sight!

Give Dinner a Twist

There are plenty of Halloween-specific recipes you can try making, but an easier trick is to simply re-name one your existing favourites. So (for example), if you fancy having spaghetti bolognaise, call it mud and worms! It might sound silly, but there's some fun in it whether you're making dinner for little ones or not. And, there are lots of other dishes you can do this for (last year, Cup of Jo suggested 'guacamoldy' instead of guacamole which I think is genius). On the other hand, if you do want to make some themed dishes this year, check out this post - those ghost pizzas somehow look both adorable and delicious.

Try these non-crafty halloween ideas this year. Photo credit: @the_indigo_house via Instagram

Photo credit: with permission from Laura Higham via Instagram (@the_indigo_house)

Make a Spooky Playlist

This is one of my favourite ideas - partly because it's so easy, but also for the fact we're always playing music in our house anyway. Add Michael Jackson's Thriller to your playlist (obviously!), as well as Danny Elfman's This is Halloween and Ray Parker Jr's Ghostbusters. A spooky playlist is the perfect accompaniment to your dinner and a great excuse to bust out your best dance moves...

Watch a Horror Film

What's Halloween if you don't feel at least a little bit frightened? Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky Movies have hundreds of horror films to treat yourself to; whether you turn off the lights and pop on a classic like the Exorcist, or fancy a thriller (I recommend Stephen King's 'Gerald's Game' (it's more thriller than horror, but there are plenty of moments for hiding behind the pillow!) you're sure to end up refusing to move through your house without lights on afterwards.

If you like these ideas but think you might fancy a little bit of homemade decorating, after all, do check out my post on straightforward craft ideas... I promise, if I can make them, so can you!

Do you celebrate Halloween? And if so, what do you do to mark it?

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Want to mark Halloween without doing anything crafty? Here are three ideas to try on Photo credit: with permission from @lenepedersen via Instagram

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