Inside Blogger Homes: with Alex a La Mode

Inside Blogger Homes: with Alex a La Mode

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A little over a year ago, Alex (of Alex a la Mode) and her partner David moved into their first home together in Liverpool. 14 months on, the pair have torn down walls, sanded wood and donned paint brushes - resulting in space that feels peaceful, inviting and warm. I chatted to Alex to ask her about one of her favourite rooms: her kitchen/back room - a space that she and David opened up for easy entertaining and socialising. "We started with the garden and downstairs as we wanted to enjoy the summer in the garden and have downstairs finished for Christmas," says Alex.

"One of the biggest bits of work we've had done is knocking the wall down between the back room and the kitchen to completely open out the space and make it as social as possible. We are very pleased with the result, and one of my favourite parts of the house is the dark blue wall in that room!".

"Our next project is the living room which is nearly there, we are painting the dark wooden floor white to make the most of the light and just need some furnishings to finish that off - all will be revealed on my Instagram soon and I'll be doing another before and after post on my blog".

Living room blogger house tour

Sounds like lots of fun and hard work, right? I had a few more questions for Alex, which she was kind enough to answer.

Hi Alex! First, can you tell me - how old/what era is the property?

The house was built in 1903 so it's an Edwardian terrace.

How would you define your interior style?

I would define my interior style as minimal and classic with a modern twist.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get a lot of my inspiration from Instagram, I follow some amazing interior bloggers and a lot of independent retailers who offer something different to what you see on the high-street. I love buying bits and bobs for the house - my favourites include Desenio, The House Outfit, Rose & Grey, Mink Interiors, and Object Style.

Living room tour armchair

What do your friends and family think of it?

My friends and family all love coming to see what else we've done to the house, every time they come there's something new to show them!

I love the paint colour in your back room! Can you remember which shade it is, and from where?

The blue wall in the back room is Marine from B&Q's own range - Colours. We tried so many but kept coming back to that one, it really is the perfect shade.

That Armchair from Very is lovely! Where is your sofa, side table and print over the fireplace from?

My side table is from Mink Interiors and is one of my favourite pieces I've bought since we moved into the house. The Paris print is from Desenio - they have an amazing range of prints and sizes.

Tour Alex a La Mode's kitchen on Check out this tour of Alex a La Mode's kitchen Here's the full tour of Alex a La Mode's kitchen

What interior/DIY advice would you give yourself if you could time-travel back a year when you first started?

My DIY advice would be just to do it. We waited a few months before we started anything just to make sure we were 100% on knocking walls down etc but I wish we had just done it from the offset!

Finally, if money were no object, what would you buy/do to your home to transform it into the pad of your dreams?

Oh gosh, if money were no object I would probably get a loft conversion and turn it to my dream office/walk in wardrobe/no boys allowed space - sorry David!

Thanks so much for chatting to me, Alex, and for showing us a corner of your home - it's lovely! You can keep up to date with Alex's home renovations over at or find her on Instagram.

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Inside Blogger Homes: with Alex a La Mode

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