Trio PIR solar spotlight in 3-piece set

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This solar spotlight can be operated with or without a motion sensor. If the motion sensor is installed, the light will shine for about 30 seconds after recognizing a movement (heat change). If the sensor is removed, the light will turn on when it is dark and turn off when the morning light comes.

The three spotlights, each with a 0.25 W bright white LED, are ideal for illuminating or spotlighting (bushes, sculptures, around water, paths, steps and much more).

Very good function in the fall and winter, because it only needs the energy to recognize a movement.

The fitting extension cable is available as an accessory.

- three spotlights, each with a bright white LED

- Crystalline solar module

- For wall and ground assembly

- Light time with full battery: approx. 8 hours

- Delivery including battery: 3 x NiMh 1.2 V/ 900 mAh (Mignon)

- Detection range PIR sensor: 90/ 6 m

- Cable length: each 3 m

- Usage area: year-round outdoors

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