Steel 42 Litre Motion Sensor Rubbish Bin

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These stylish sensor bins are great for those situations where you need both hands free such as scraping waste ingredients off your chopping board or leftovers from your plate etc. A natural evolution of the foot operated bins of the past, these units use infrared technology to sense your proximity, activating the motorised lid for your convenience. Powered by AA batteries, you can also activate the lid via 'Open' and 'Close' buttons as well as turn the unit off entirely at the back if required. Please note that batteries are not included in the package. The bin itself is steel, whilst the lid assembly has a lightweight plastic design with a mirror effect chrome-plated coating to suit modern kitchens. Also included is a circular bin bag clip if required. All appliances meet the new RoHS standards.


  • Can also be operated manually or via buttons
  • On/off switch at rear of unit
  • Convenient - keep both hands free for scraping leftovers etc
  • Please note: The automatic lid may not work at first instalment, this is a reset issue when first turned on. The solution is to remove the batteries from the lid and leave the lid on off position for 24 hours and start again

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