Salma solar wall light with LED

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It is well-known that solar lights are very practical if lighting is needed in areas where there are hardly any power sockets - or even none at all. Even more practical then are lights which already have a solar module built-in - just like the Salma LED outdoor wall light. A small special feature is the circular translucent ring made of plastic which works as an additional light outlet. The effect of this light outlet becomes clear when you look at the light which Salma shines onto the house wall. The main light from the integrated Samsung LEDs - which shines downwards - is aesthetically complemented by the narrower glimmer of light located above which comes through the light outlet. When turned off, Salma enhances modern surroundings perfectly thanks to its pretty stainless steel finish.

The outdoor wall light has a twilight sensor, which turns the light on automatically when darkness falls. The light duration is eight hours. When installing the light, please make sure that it is exposed to sufficient sunshine throughout the day.

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