Rectangular Nicola LED pillar light, IP54

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Different from wall lights, outdoor pillar lights are not installed vertically, but rather horizontally, thus on small inclines like walls or pillars. A light point is created in this way, which is visible from many sides depending on placement and offers useful orientation in the dark. Nicola is comfortably simple and undeniably modern in its form as an LED pillar light. The body consists of graphite-grey aluminium and on all four sides, particularly impact resistant tempered glass inserts are found, which offer adequate protection from the influences of weather and breakage. In regards to the light bulb, the Nicola pillar light is frugal in regards to energy consumption with a 7 W Bridgelux LED, because it produces a light current of over 77 Lumen per watt. The LED is found below the upper cover and creates comfortable, indirect light. Ideal lighting for modern outdoor areas!

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