E27 9 W 830 LED Light Filament Bulb Design

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With the traditional filament bulb shape and a warm white light colour of 3,000 K, this LED bulb is suitable for use in living and office rooms and replaces a conventional 60 W filament bulb.

The light is distinguished by its high efficiency at low energy consumption as well as a very long life of up to 30,000 hours.

Additional characteristics are mercury-free production, minimum start time (< 1 second - 100% luminosity immediately) as well as low heat and low UV radiation.


- Highly efficient LED technology up to 85% energy saving (EEK A+)

- Extremely long life of up to 30,000 hours

- Low UV and heat radiation

- Mercury-free production

- Not dimmable

- Power factor > 0.58

- Lumen maintenance 85 % during 75 % of the average lifetime

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