E14 6 W 830 LED Light Candle Shape

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With its compact size and matt glass bulb, this LED lamp is particularly well-suited for use in open lights without creating any glare.

Thanks to the highly-efficient LED technology, it can replace a traditional candle bulb of up to 44 W and saves up to 80 % in energy. It lights up at full brightness immediately after being turned on and has a very long lifetime of up to 30,000 hours -additional advantages of the LED technology.


- Up to 80 % energy savings thanks to the LED technology (EEC A+)

- Extremely long life of up to 30,000 hours

- 100 % light immediately after being turned on (< 1 second)

- Insensitive to vibrations

- Mercury-free

- Not dimmable

- Power factor > 0.6

- Lumen maintenance 85 % during 75 % of the average lifetime

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