Photo credit: with permission from Katie Davies via Instagram (@countryandgrandeur). You can buy upholstered antiques and more from Katie’s business: | Please note that this post contains affiliate links

If you found yourself saying “wow” when you saw Katie’s living room, you’re certainly not alone. Dripping with sophistication – but cosy enough to feel as though she wouldn’t mind you putting your feet up – I think this living room is a close to perfection as a traditional British home gets. ‘Country grandeur’ is the way Katie describes her style, and I think her home epitomises it: it’s as if her living room has been welcoming friends, family and guests of the four legged variety for many, many years – and looks like a place I’d love to spend time in now, and in the future too. Deft at pulling together natural materials, classic lines, and layers upon layers of texture, Katie is one to follow. (And she regularly posts pictures of her animals and upholstery work, too).