Get the look: Sharon’s Stylish Study

Photo credit: with permission from Sharon Hornsby via her Instagram profile @hornsby_style | Please note that this post contains affiliate links

As you may have noticed from the photographs I use in some of my blog posts, I'm a big fan of Sharon Hornsby’s style. Her home is eclectic and intriguing, stylish yet practical, and full of eye-catching colours, textures and accessories. So, when I saw her study over on Instagram, I took notes… Rich inchyra blue walls, a mixture of antiques mixed with modern pieces, and a set of shelves that serve as handy storage while also drawing the eye right the way up to the ceiling. And, unlike a lot of studies or ‘home offices’ I've seen, it’s not cold and austere, or minimalist in any way. (Unlike the current state of my own office... urgh!).

Instead, it’s cosy and stimulating, and undoubtedly somewhere I'd very much enjoy working if it were my space. So, if you’d like to recreate some of Sharon’s look, check out the bits and bobs below.

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